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I Want To Be An Evil Businessman- Life Branding

02.20.08   |   Posted in: Events   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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We attended the first seminar in the Evil Businessman series over the last weekend and we were thoroughly impressed by what we got out of it. If we had to summarize the most important part this weekend it would be this-
We clearly outlined goals about what we wanted, both from life and from work.
We found specific needs and issues, outlined specific solutions and action, determined the steps needed to act, and created a plan of execution.
We did it with the help of an outstanding group of creative people.

Some of the highlights included defining our culture, personalities, and our customers (all of you lovely readers) then translating that into the ever daunting 30 second elevator pitch. We found it particularly insightful in helping us get a better idea of how to serve you, our readers, and better define what we want to do in general. We can not stress enough that if you want to do something, it helps to have a clear idea of what that thing is, followed shortly by how to do it, how long it takes, and when you’re finished.

What we weren’t expecting was how powerful the ideas coming from a group of creative entrepreneurs would be. We have long been champions of helping good people with good ideas and determination succeed, and we found that to be a common trait among our fellow attendees. We believe this to be one of the core components of our brand, and received useful information from our peers on their experiences in accomplishing that goal.

We had a group of highly imaginative people all of whom had different ideas and skill sets which seemed to fill gaps rather than create them. This group included people in various stages of making a living out of doing what they wanted. One of our group seemingly had no clear idea of what she wanted to do at the beginning. We were astounded at the end to hear her form a clear and articulate statement about the services she offers for which we could very possibly hire her.

Our group included GYST creative management software founder Karen Atkinson, Opportunity Green founder/powerhouse Karen Solomon, Beseme Cosmetics founder Gabriela Hernandez, Dine to Thrive (Gourmet meals for cancer patients) President Wade Armstrong, Interior Designer Laura Evans, Photographer Stephen Zeigler, typographic designer Amelie Bonet, experimental musician and composer Drew Schnurr, and of course, your Neu Black Editor In Chief Kellis Landrum. This diverse group came together, helped each other to articulate ideas clearly, and generally kicked some serious ass.

If you have a creative idea and aren’t sure what to do with it, or have started doing something and realized there are a million more things to figure out, we highly recommend this this seminar. We are excited to see what the Business Planning and Financial Planning sessions have to offer. For more info check out

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