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Glow @ Santa Monica Pier

07.19.08   |   Posted in: Events   |   By: Neu Black
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glow-santa-monica-1.jpgGlow will fill the hours between dusk to dawn with compelling, enchanting and effervescent sights and sounds situated in spaces and times that expand possibilities for how the public experiences contemporary art. Artists were commissioned to create unique and inviting works that welcome the public to be both audience and actor for twelve celebratory hours. Inspired by the wildly successful Nuit Blanche in Paris, Glow takes its spirit from the fabled grunion that live in local waters and come ashore several times a year to spawn in the sand creating a momentary sensation of iridescence.

Glow will be taking place on the Santa Monica Pier, on the beach north and south of the Pier and in Palisades Park, in the two blocks between Colorado and Santa Monica Boulevards on Saturday, July 19th, 2008. Beginning at 7PM and lasting until 7:00AM, it will be a free event for all. Click here to download the official schedule for the event.

5 Responses to “Glow @ Santa Monica Pier”

  1. Tmoney Says:

    Shame on you. Glow sucked.

  2. dripp Says:

    Glow was sooo bad…it sucked big time! The art could hardly be considered art. It was like one big trashy fair!

  3. Alex Jones Says:

    That sucks. At least it was at the beach and not in the middle of nowhere.

  4. LAME Says:

    Glow really sucked. Less than 20 exhibits spread out across a huge swath of beach, park, and pier combined with huge crowds. Hugely disappointing and a waste of a Saturday night.

  5. C-Zar Says:

    GLOW BLOWS. Hats off to the marketing department for suckering 200,000 people into thinking they were going to see something cool. What a grand disappointment. I could put on a better exhibit with a glow stick and a boom box. In fact If they have this next year again then look out for me. I will call my art “glow stick man with boom box”. I

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