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Apple Reveals iPad Tablet

01.27.10   |   Posted in: Events, Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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The day has finally arrived, after long speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its new tablet. The tablet, named the iPad, is a pound and a half and has close to 9.7 inch visible display (1024 x 768 display). Apple reports a 10 hour battery life while watching video or a month of standby charge. Storage capacities from 16-64 GB. It can be thought of as an oversize iPhone which Steve Jobs hopes will fill a gap between the iPhone and MacBook. Bad news for Adobe, like the iPhone, there is no support for flash on websites.


802.11n wifi, Bluetooth, speaker, microphone, accelerometer and compass. We’re hoping an external keyboard and mouse can be used with the bluetooth. Update: Even if its not possible to do through bluetooth, a keyboard can be attached to the iPad as an alternate means of typing. Pricing starts at an amazingly low $499 with 3G support costing extra. This price point seems to indicate Apple lowering the price artificially low in an attempt to corner the media and app distribution market. The product release is a major event in itself but the pricepoint’s implications to various industries is monumental.


Certain developers reportedly got a head start in developing for the new platform. A standout was the work the New York Times did for the device. Typography, design and overall usability is stellar.


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-Photos via engadget and gizmodo

5 Responses to “Apple Reveals iPad Tablet”

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  2. Betsey Saxfield Says:

    I think the new apple ipad looks great and cant wait to get one for the wife. Excellent site by the way.

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  4. Alex Jones Says:

    Update: the wifi only versions look like they’ll ship in 60 days while the wifi with 3G versions ($130 more) look like they’ll ship in 90 days.

  5. Thuy Lofguist Says:

    I adore my Ipad. I got one as soon as I could and dont repent it at all. Its so good to use and the technology is great. I use it most every daytime.

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