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arcw Table by architecturew

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Great architects creating forms which enrich living. It is a natural evolution for an architecture firm to apply their sensibility and process to areas beyond buildings. Such is the case with the firm architecturew. You may recall their B House Remodel which reinvented a home as a contemporary dwelling.

The firm’s latest project is a modern coffee table which would be a fitting addition the the spaces architecturew is known for. The table is a result of experimentation with simple repetitive materials revealing unexpected patterns and structures. With a nod to classic forms of the past, the innovative materials and flowing shape result in a truly contemporary design.

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Thomas Paul Melamine

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Thomas Paul has extended his roots in textile design to all aspects of the modern home. From grandiose pattern design to elaborate stationery. Here he challenges our preconceptions of melamine with this elegantly detailed set of platters available here for $40.

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Holiday Shopping: Yolk Silver Lake

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This year Salem and I decided to do almost all of our holiday shopping locally. We selected two stores which we felt could accommodate a wide variety of gifts for our family and friends. We selected Reform School, which we posted on last year, and Yolk.

Left: Lily Wilson Right: Owner Maria Neuman
We discovered Yolk in 2007, just about the time Maria Neuman took ownership of the store. For us Yolk is a perfect fit with their combination of contemporary home accessories, modern furnishing, and children’s fare. Neuman flexes her Swedish design savvy with an array of items for the modern home. From traditional Swedish table ware to Scandinavian designer accessories, when I visit I’m sure to find something unique for all the design lovers in my life. Furniture is one the most enticing aspects of the Yolk inventory. While they don’t carry a lot of it, the items on hand exhibit the utmost quality and exquisite design. Yolk was the first boutique I had seen carry the Kalon Studios line of beautifully detailed children’s furnishings shortly after their debut at CA Boom a few years back.

My attachment to Yolk comes from my desire to hang on to my pre-parent design identity while indulging my urge to buy uniquely adorable stuff for my kids. If you are fortunate enough to visit this LA gem in person we highly recommend doing so, for those outside the area Yolk has an extensive online store where you can shop till your hearts content.

B House Remodel by architecturew

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The task of designing great modern architecture is difficult enough but modern renovations can be even more difficult. The architect has less control and therefore must be that much more skilled to play the hand he’s dealt. When architecturew took on the renovation of their b house, they had the ability to see the home’s potential and strip away the superfluous (not an easy task with a 1963 ranchburger – shown below). Among the home’s assets was a view of the Marqaum Nature Park. A series of decks and large windows on the new upper floor brings the surrounding nature into the home. The interior ground floor is designed around an existing fireplace. The geometry and materials used feel at home within the home’s site.

People often talk about environmentally conscious building or stretching budgets. What architecturew shows us is that great architects can accomplish great things through efficient thinking and strong visual sensibility. architecturew was founded in 2001 by partners Michel Weenick and Brian White. Be sure to visit the firm’s site to see other examples of their great work.

Shagreen Trays

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A classic assortment of simple yet elegant trays. Available for $95 – $395 here.

Minami-Nagano Dental Office and Residence by Hiroki Tanabe

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Born in Tokyo, architect Hiroki Tanabe has a strong sensibility for minimal architecture. In this project, a combination dental office and residence, pronounced geometry intersects to create multifaceted spaces. The architecture has a stong Japanese quality to it. In fact, the sharp geometry would be at home amongst the Japanese product design of companies like Sony. Our advice to dentists in the U.S., if your space looks this good, people would be lined up for fillings.

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Wood: Back to Basics

07.6.10   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: Toshi Jones
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More and more I find myself drawn to more natural materials in everything from housewares to apparel. While oak tableware is nothing new it difficult to find quality pieces work keeping around. We found some great little additions over at 2Modern. Get these clean and simple dishes and servers by Amenity and the feel of true artisan craftsmanship, from $36.

Quant 1 by Ippolito Fleitz Group Studio

06.18.10   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: Nils de Mol van Otterloo
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The Ippolito Fleitz Group Studio is an international design company working in Stuttgart. They do private and commercial design for a wide variety of clients. The images seen here are drawn from their design space and a private residence designated “Quant 1“. They have a very strong German style with their use of space involving soft and hard lines broken up by the use of light, texture and the play between black and white areas between swatches of color.

Magazine and Newspaper Racks by Blomus

06.2.10   |   Posted in: Modern Home   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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Chances are that if you are a magazine or newspaper reader, you have reading materials it stacks throughout your house. A step in the right direction might be these racks by Blomus. You can pick them up here and here for $195 and $53 – you may want to compare sellers. There’s also a magazine sized rack in the style of the newspaper one for under fifty bucks. Happy reading.

Pantone Hotel

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Forty-five years ago, Pantone, Inc. revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the launch of the Pantone Colormatching System, enabling designers and printers to faithfully articulate and reproduce accurate color anywhere in the world. As the company moved into more lifestyle- oriented industries, the concept of a numbering system associated with corresponding color names became even more important in communicating the exactness of a color. The Pantone Hotel is part of their growing efforts to be a part of the consumer driven design revolution.

Travelers to the EU who have an eye for design will want to book a room at the Hotel, which is located in Brussels, Belgium. The hotel provides relaxing accommodations and facilities for meeting clients or simply to get inspired by the sights of the EU capital.

The hotel has meeting and events facilities that include:

  • 2 highly customizable meeting rooms
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual and technical equipment
  • Conferenced space for up to 100 persons
  • Availability by the day or by the hour
  • Catering
  • A variety of restaurants are available within walking distance.

For many visitors to England and the EU (not to mention Japan and pretty much anyplace that isn’t the US) it can be a bit surprising to find out what an everyday impact design has on the lives of everyday citizens. While Americans may have become obsessed with this area in the last 20 years or so, Europeans have been at the cutting edge of design since the Middle Ages, so the idea of a hotel based on the concept of design qua design is an idea that has been part of the firmament for at least the past century.

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