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Bill Cunningham New York – Fashion Photo Doc

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Documentary on Legendary Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham. Playing at the Nuart in West LA, Laemmle’s Town Center in Encino, the Landmark in Los Angeles, and Laemmle’s Playhouse in Pasadena.

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Introducing Ben Minkoff

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For Spring 2011 acclaimed hand bag designer Rebecca Minkoff introduces Ben Minkoff, a reserved line of handbags and accessories for men. This much anticipated debut collection is subdued and raw showcasing materials and simple form. The line shows promise and ushers namesake into a new decade and into new territory.

Holiday Shopping: Yolk Silver Lake

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This year Salem and I decided to do almost all of our holiday shopping locally. We selected two stores which we felt could accommodate a wide variety of gifts for our family and friends. We selected Reform School, which we posted on last year, and Yolk.

Left: Lily Wilson Right: Owner Maria Neuman
We discovered Yolk in 2007, just about the time Maria Neuman took ownership of the store. For us Yolk is a perfect fit with their combination of contemporary home accessories, modern furnishing, and children’s fare. Neuman flexes her Swedish design savvy with an array of items for the modern home. From traditional Swedish table ware to Scandinavian designer accessories, when I visit I’m sure to find something unique for all the design lovers in my life. Furniture is one the most enticing aspects of the Yolk inventory. While they don’t carry a lot of it, the items on hand exhibit the utmost quality and exquisite design. Yolk was the first boutique I had seen carry the Kalon Studios line of beautifully detailed children’s furnishings shortly after their debut at CA Boom a few years back.

My attachment to Yolk comes from my desire to hang on to my pre-parent design identity while indulging my urge to buy uniquely adorable stuff for my kids. If you are fortunate enough to visit this LA gem in person we highly recommend doing so, for those outside the area Yolk has an extensive online store where you can shop till your hearts content.

Maiden Voayge

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Approaching the end of their first year on the market, Maiden Voyage Clothing has made a lasting impression. They’ve become a mainstay in Orange County boutiques and most fittingly with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. With the recent introduction of leather goods MVCC is definately on the Neu Black radar. Visit their shop here.

Williams British

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The Williams British handmade luggage line marks a return to the traditional. Yet their unorthodox design approach makes pieces unmistakable. Each piece is hand crafted in bridle leather and saddle stitching with an artisan brass frame giving Williams British an almost forgotten selling point, quality.

Last Chance for Po-Zu/USA Mahaishi Collab

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Originally released in early 2008 this collaboration between Men’s fashion brand Maharishi and sustainable shoemaker Po-Zu produced an instant classic. The Sequoia, with its unique ankle piece and quality construction, is evidence that the forward thinkers at Po-Zu don’t have to sacrifice comfort or design to maintain sustainability.

Now in their third season in the Po-Zu catalog these highly coveted boots have been reduced from their original price of $275 down to $68.75. At first we were reluctant to make this public in an effort to hoard all of the remaining sizes for ourselves, but since we already have our own we figured we’d share the love. Get yours here.

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Destination ATL: Wish

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Nestled among the avant-garde purveyors of Atlanta’s Little Five Points is Wish, a dual duty boutique catering to the most discerning sneaker heads and those with a flair for the unique. Long waiting lists and frenzied lines encircling the brick building an not uncommon here. Riding the refined eye of owner Lauren Amos, Wishes collection of hard to find kicks and hand picked apparel make it a definite stop on our annual visits to Atlanta. Crooks & Castles, Supra, Android Homme and L.A.’s own Joy Rich are some of our faves lining the walls this former library. Among the decorative volumes of the lower level viewing parlor Wish houses the latest in rare and limited edition footwear.

Wish Atlanta
447 Moreland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307
ph: 404.880.0402

Uniform Wares Wrist Watch – The Swatch Of Now

06.21.10   |   Posted in: Fashion   |   By: Nils de Mol van Otterloo
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In 1983 I was strutting my stuff in a Benetton pull-over and acid-wash jeans, listening to Houdini “Escape” on my Sony Walkman, and if you had to ask I always knew what time it was because of my Swatch Watch. I was one of the fortunate few who had one of the the first series of Swatches, pictured below. Little did my 8 year-old self know that this very watch would be worth $2000 Buckaroo Banzais in less than 20 years.

As much as I might like to kick myself for not recognizing the collectible nature of 1980′s plastic kitch, I try to remind myself that I was, am and hopefully will continue to be a creature rooted in the now. For this reason I feel a sense of joy by the Uniform Wares line of minimalist wristwatches that harken back to those days of sunny nostalgia. No more will I require my cell phone to tell me what time it is. So uncivilized. I long for the days when a man could be judged by his timepiece, and as everything old is new again I see that I may get my wish.

Peter Dudas ‘Hi-Bike’ Concept Does Fixed-Gear One Better

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After the modern minimalist has built his or her custom Fixed-Gear Bicycle, taking loving attention to every element from the color of the frame, the number of spokes in the wheelset, the type of handlebars and a seat that has just the right appeal, what new frontiers of minimalist bike design are available to experiment with? Italian designer Peter Dudas has come up with the “Hi-Bike” concept, a chainless, spokeless rendering of the classic road bike design, intended for modern city cyclists’ needs.

It’s not surprising that this idea should come from an Italian. After all, some of the greatest bike designers in the world (think Basso, Bianchi, Campagnollo,  Cinelli, Colnago, Kuota, Moser Cicli, the list goes on) come from Italy. The exciting thing about a bike like this is the idea that there are new frontiers to explore in the world of cycling. One can imagine that there may come a time that a small electric motor could be coupled to this design that would make the possibility for clean energy transportation a reality throughout the world. In countries such as Holland, where the Bike to Human ratio is nearly 2 to 1, designs such as this will be very popular. Sooner or later, it can be hoped that more Americans will follow the example of the Europeans and become involved in this trend.

Bruno Dayan

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Bruno Dayan is a French fashion photographer based in Paris. He’s what you might call a “heavy hitter” if such a term could be applied in the world of fashion. His photographs are noted for their sexuality and his intricate use of light to display his subjects.

Bruno has done work for celebrities, beauty photos as well as work for commercial clients. His work seems as though his subjects were living in an alternative reality, one of dreamy sensuality or nightmarish darkness.

Bruno’s sense of composition is second to none, his work is as much the product of a technician as it is that of an artist.

His impeccable photos have captivated brands like Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Yves Saint Laurent. He has a gift of being able to create unique atmospheres that are by turns light as a feather and yet as hard and heavy as a sledge hammer.