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Whitney Music Box

08.10.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Music   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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If you still think of “art” as painting, we’re proud to introduce you to your first piece of online art. The Whitney Music Box was created by our friend Jim Bumgardner as “a musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book digital harmony.”

In three minutes, the largest dot will travel around the circle once, the next largest dot will travel around the circle twice, the next largest dot three times, and so on.

The dots are arranged to trigger notes on a chromatic scale when they pass the line and generate music using synthesis software of Bumgardeners own design. If you’re a fan of mathematically generated work like Robert Hodgkins Flight 404, the Whitney Music Box works on a similar principle, but adds an audio element and was entirely programmed in flash actionscript.

When not busy being an actionscript guru during the day at Yahoo Music, Bumgardner comes up with interesting new interactive experiments which you can see on his sites including and We’d like to nominate Jim up for quote of the year, because we’d die to see him walk into a meeting and tell everyone “Personally, I think utility is overrated.”

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