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Try this with your Spirograph- Erik Natzke

08.21.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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The emergence of mathematically generated art seems to be picking up steam this year. While we’re positive that the traditional art world is going to have a hard time accepting computer programmers into the scene, it’s hard to deny that art through programming has come along way since fractals.

Erik Natzke has been pushing the boundaries of flash development for a while now. But when we found a link to the more recent work in Erik’s flickr photoset, we were absolutely stunned. We’ve been in the design world for a few years now and it’s not often that we run into someone who makes us realize it’s time to step our game up. This treasure trove of amazingness however, clearly throws down the gauntlet for any who want to try their hand at this style.


Link via Dooce, who else.

2 Responses to “Try this with your Spirograph- Erik Natzke”

  1. woosteln Says:

    I’m not sure the art establishment should have any objection to programming based art making an entrance to the scene.
    Contemporary art, going back to the 60′s and beyond, has moved into an area where process driven works are as important, if not more, than the traditional craft and technique oriented pieces (Bruce Nauman, Fluxus, et al).
    With the current buzzwords of “Mapping” and “Psycho-geography” being used to describe almost anything currently being produced by large sections of the contemporary art sphere, a lot of ‘digital art’ is, if anything the next step, combining technical proficiency with the core ideas of the process based movement.

  2. Kellis Landrum Says:

    I think maybe you misread me. The art community is a small one and getting the center involves a lot of knowing the right people. You’re probably a lot more likely to do that if you’ve gone to school for art than for computer science. Art (hopefully) is sexy, where as algebraic equations a little less so.

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