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Tietgen Dormitory

03.4.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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If our college dorm looked like this, we’re sure that we would be smarter today. The Award Winning, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects and their Tietgen Dormitory in Copenhagen, Denmark boast 360 residencies for 365 days of the year. The building takes on a circular form, that is said to be a symbol of equality and community. Each dorm is set in a different depth and alternating rhythm, expressing the individual’s unique identity through its form.

To see more of the inside and outside of this beautiful building, click read the rest of this entry below.














26 Responses to “Tietgen Dormitory”

  1. shibo Says:

    this is awesome!

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  3. bone Says:

    wow amazing!!!

  4. Bangon Kali Says:

    Very nice! tsk tsk tsk. I wonder how much was the design cost? It should be very expensive….

  5. waseem Says:

    actually i was doing a search to see a dorm designs which are required for apoject in my college
    but this is the best dorm design i ‘ve ever seen

  6. MinoOoz Says:

    me 2.. i was doin a case study 4 a dorm design n this was the best 1 2 write about… this is called creativity

  7. Anh Says:

    i love this dorm room. i was lucky to live in it for a semester (spring08). its awesome. state of the art kitchen…if that makes any sense…:) loved tietgenkollegiet

  8. Sue | Pillows Says:

    Now this is a really funky building, I think that this is really cool. If I would have to live there I would most differently chose one that sticks out more to catch the sun and light.

  9. Sue | Office Furniture Says:

    Now if they can only build these here in South Africa, I think that more students would absolutely love them, are up and happening and they are fun, compared to the usual dormitory building that one still finds around today thing that look as though they come from the 1800

  10. Sue Anne | African Housing Says:

    I have to agree with the above comment see hit the nail on its little head, these would be fantastic for the students in South Africa as this is one thing that is lacking here and that is accommodation that is reasonably priced for student and that are not falling apart.

  11. Theophile dubois Says:

    Hey everyone,

    I love your dorm! I am a French student currently looking for housing from end of august/ beginning of september (for a year or half a year) since I am going to study at CBS for my master in Marketing Communication Management and I would like to know if anyone is subletting a room.
    About me: I am a non smoking French student, clean and neat person, french, english and spanish speaking and sociable! Therefore, I would be grateful if you could give me more information and eventually send me pictures.


  12. michel Says:

    hi….everyone…i’m a indonesia architect student…
    i just got a new assignment of designing dormitory. This is really awesome one… Thanks to Andrea Tumino…. ^^
    i wonder what is the size of each room….mmmm……..

  13. Apollo Says:

    that’s a nice one…
    I just wonder why they made it like that…
    well, engineers should carry a fancy mindset to build beautiful things…

  14. ophelia Says:

    what should i do in order to stay there??????????????it’s perfect! I m an erasmus student and I really want to live in this place:)

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  17. malicia Says:

    Hola….Dónde puedo encontrar los planos del proyecto?

  18. LadyMariz Says:

    WOW!! This is the best design of a dormitory!! Used all the space!!

  19. alyssabutcon Says:

    wonder what the interior looks like.?

  20. alyssabutcon Says:

    majority of the materials used are wood?is it not freezing if ill sleep at night?

  21. rapide edson Says:

    i realy appreciate this architectural work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lemayan Says:

    its amaizing how someone can putup such an outstanding bulding….am pattarbed!!!

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  24. apartament Says:

    I’m looking for a tall light color stand for my 40 flat screen tv. Many tv stands are dark in color and low to the ground but we dislike those and so we are looking for a light color one thats taller. do you have any of those??

  25. Jess Says:

    Hi I would like to know anyone is subletting their rooms for the next semester (fall 2013)?
    I’m very interested in living in Tietgen.
    I’m an outgoing, energetic person.

    Please contact me through if interested. :)

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