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The Art and Life of Chaz Bojorquez

05.5.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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The new book The Art and Life of Chaz Bojorquez documents the career of the pioneer of Los Angeles graffiti culture. Detailing the development of Cholo style graffiti art, this book delves into his multi-cultural knowledge of various scripts and typography and how those manifest into arguably the most prolific work to hit the streets of Los Angeles. Bojorquez carefully defines the relationship between Chicano culture and honor in the “cholo” style, establishing the motivations behind tagging in Los Angeles and adding a cultural context with an artistic base. Copies are available for $50 USD here.

Mentor to many of today’s most prominent street artists, Bojorquez has always approached his work with artistic perspective while at the same time exploring his motivations and aggressively educating himself in a variety of typographic disciplines. In 1965 and ’66 he attended art schools in both Guadalajara, Mexico and here in Los Angeles prior to graduating high school in 1967. He later studied Oriental calligraphy under Yun Chung Chiang, himself a student of Mr. Pu Ju, brother of the last emperor of China. In 1986 Bojorquez officially gave up tagging, successfully transitioning from street art to the gallery. Today his work can be viewed in over 135 art galleries and 48 museums.

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