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Sunset Junction

08.16.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Events, Music   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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When you’re sitting in traffic all you can think is “Why the hell did I move to LA?” Then you go to things like Sunset Junction and fall in love with being an Angelino all over again.

If this is you first year in LA or you’ve never been to Sunset Junction before, it’s an annual street fair with some the best musicians in LA in attendance. The festivities run down sunset boulevard for about a mile starting in Los Feliz and ending in Silverlake. Because of the large number of bars, clubs, galleries, and boutiques, Sunset Function takes on the cool artsyness of Coachella with out being so incredibly ginormous and commercial.

While Sunset Junction is by no means small, it feels kind of like you’re in on something really cool. When you wander around this hood and see Jason Schwartzman, Beck, or any of the other hipster celebs that live in this part of town, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that this is hippest block party in America.

We especially recommend checking out:
Blonde Redhead
The Buzzcocks
She Wants Revenge
and our favorite guilty pleasure- Morris Day and the Time

For the full schedule of bands click here.

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