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03.15.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Neu Black
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Just to get this out of the way- Yes we know, Kanye West is crazy. That said, we have a lot of respect for Kanye for taking chances chances with millions of people watching. While the results usually fall towards either utterly amazing or disastrous, they are almost always worth watching. Hence we wanted to take a moment to talk about Kanye’s newly redesigned site.

While Kanye west is obviously a musician frost and foremost, he decided to make a forum for art and design, with no mention of records, tour dates, or any other self promotional information. This is a very bold move for a pop star and one we endorse whole heartedly. This is yet more evidence in West’s active interest in being a cultural artiber and influencer. A move that would only make pop stars like Miley Cyrus or Justin Timberlake look ridiculous.

But isn’t just daring site for a musician. In true we’re-not-sure-if-he’s-crazy-or-a-genius form, West breaks with standard publishing (blogging) formats. This site has no advertising, so in it’s current format it can’t generate revenue. The navigation is invisible until you roll over it, and then fades after a few seconds. Our favorite part of this site however, is the large scale use of photography and video. This clip from the film “Eyes Wide Shut” is one of the largest embedded video’s we’ve seen to date. While we’re not 100% sold on the giant frames around the photo’s, we’ll admit the work well for the likes of artists such as Alexander McQueen. We’ll take a wait and see approach however as West starts to get back to artists like Takashi Murakami.

All in in all, this is a very daring project for 2010, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see many of these elements incorporated on a broader basis over the coming years. have a look for yourself at

One word of warning, some of the material on this site is NSFW.

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  1. Cedar Pasori Says:

    I completely agree that it’s a bold move for him, and I appreciate what he has done. He has essentially opened up his fans to so much amazing high art, especially those who may not be aware of art beyond the music they listen to. Additionally, Kanyeuniversecity has given newer artists more exposure, for instance, Devin Troy Struthers, Nicholas Di Genova, & Toro Y Moi. To see an artist embrace the way blogging can positively influence and educate their fans is an amazing thing. I’m always excited for his next move.

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