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Shepard Fairey’s gone to Washington

01.14.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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shepard fairey obama hope One small step for man kind, one giant leap for Shepard Fairey. The Smithsonian Institute announced last week that the original mixed media collage would be added to the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery and placed on view to the public by inauguration day. While this may not be the official portrait of Obama, which will be added to the NPG at a later date, it is by far the most iconic. With this piece Shepard has successfully broken into two new territories, national politics and the political landscape of the art world. Neither camp is releasing the price tag on the original piece at this time. Shepard has also released a poster in honor of the inauguration which is available signed for $500 and unsigned for $100.

In the midst of all of this excitement, Shepard is still hard at work with a new show opening Feb 6th 2009. Marking the 20th anniversary of the Obey Giant campaign the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston has put together first museum survey of the artist, Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand. The 20 year retrospective will include stencils, posters, and the stickers the artist used to in his early days in addition to limited edition prints exclusively available at the show. More info here.

shepard fairey obama hope

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