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Scott Hansen’s Artists for Obama Print

05.28.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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Check out this hot, new, Limited Edition print courtesy of the fabulous Scott Hansen. “I see Barack Obama as a leader who can inspire people to effect change and who himself can effect change. As an artist, it was only natural for me to want to create something that visually echoed these sentiments. I wanted to create an image that evoked the ideals I feel are central to our needs at this critical time in history: change, progress and hope. Because Barack Obama represents all three of these things to me, I felt compelled to express that through my work.” Hansen expressed. Hansen is the second artist to be asked to donate his talent to the Artists for Obama Gallery. The first was Shepard Fairey, you can check out that piece here.

You can purchase this print at the Official Site for Barack Obama for $70, and all proceeds go to the Barack Obama Campaign.

10 Responses to “Scott Hansen’s Artists for Obama Print”

  1. Jake King Says:

    Obama is a liar and a fake. His PR campaign fools Americans to believe he is for peace, but he’s actually voting to keep the war on “terrorism” and increase troops by the 10s’ of thousands to the middle east. He is a pawn architect in a much larger scheme. Wake up America!!!!

    Dissent is patriotic!

    Obama will not save you!

    I love my country and will not let a Stalin-esque iconic figure rule me.

  2. Kellis Says:

    I respectfully disagree. I think Barack Obama is an excellent candidate, and I hope he becomes the next president of the United States.

  3. Median Says:

    Obama? McCain? What’s the difference.
    We either bend over now, or get bent over anyway.
    But whatever the choice, we’re still gonna get effed in the ay.

  4. Panther Says:

    Great poster, love the vintage look of it. Unfortunately; Jake and Median are correct, two sides of the same coin.

  5. Actually Informed Says:

    Dear Jake King ,

    You’re a moron.
    You have your candidates backwards.
    It’s people like you who cause me to believe there should be only a select few allowed to vote. What group and how selective? Well that’s simple really, if you’re a citizen in a state with an average IQ of UNDER 100, then you will not be allowed to vote.

    By this system, I promise Mccaine or Bush candidates will never see the innards of the white house ever again.


  6. Sector One Says:

    Some artists might be for Obama but Obama is against all artists! By making Shepard Fairey his official campaign artist Obama reveals that he does not acknowledge current artist copyright laws because Shepar Fairey has violated several copyrights throughout his career only to come clean when exposed. Obama by choosing Shepard Fairey may even support the orphan works bill. Brian Sherwin from the Myartspace Blog pointed this out in a wonderfully detailed post that every artist should read. No to orphan works bil. No to Obama! Let us hope that the true revolutionary artists that Shepard has ripped off of will someday be widely known instead of him giving them props with no visible credit or recognition!!!

  7. Jimmy Says:

    All presidents will be pawns of a higher, hidden power.

    But still, Obama > McCain.

  8. Kimber Says:

    Thanks for your beautiful art, in years from now people all around the world, will see your art and be reminded of this wonderful & historic time in our country! Like Obama your work speaks to millions and really makes us believe hope and progress is possible —-even in our lives….. Thanks!!

  9. Karen Izzi PhD Says:

    I am very interested in getting a copy of the PROGRESS print- its awesome! Please say there is one more available somewhere!!! 484-889-8668

  10. Kai Says:

    Actually Informed, do you still hold your case?

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