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Ricardo Ordonez Charged with 18K in Damages

07.1.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Renown graffiti artist Ricardo Ordonez, was arrested at his Alhamabra, CA home early Wednesday, in connection with some $18,000 in damages to public and private property. The crime, tagging cute cuddly cats all over Los Angeles. Cats with gold chains, with smiles and frowns, with fangs and crowns. No item seemed to small to hit, we spotted a paper plate on the freeway with a little teeny cat facade. In April LA Country Sheriffs arrested Andy Rios believing he was the source of the crime. Not so, Rios was eventually released. While it has been widely speculated that Ordonez was behind the cute culprits, we can not be certain.

In January Neu Black began documenting curious sightings along the 110 FWY and in downtown Los Angeles. The vast majority of the original pieces are long gone, but we can supply you with a bit of nostalgia. Here’s hoping that Ordonez’s legal troubles are brief and painless and that our notorious cats keep popping up.

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