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Replace Please with Fast and Thank You with Good @Lab 101

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Opening Reception: Saturday November 3rd, 2007 7-10pm
The Lab 101 Gallery, Culver City presents ‘Replace ‘Please’ with Fast & ‘Thank you’ with Good’, featuring Australian originating artists Anthony Lister, and Mark Whalen aka Kill Pixie along with the San Diego based artist Kelsey Brookes.

The three artists collectively come together for the first time to exhibit their individual styles while sharing their common thread for love of urban environment and exploding interest in the art scene. Native artist Kelsey Brookes who has previously exhibited in a handful of group exhibitions at The Lab 101 is now commanding a hefty price tag and demand for his paintings in europe as he joins the ranks of representation by the Lazarides gallery (London) home to UK urban artists Banksy. Australian born/ Brooklyn based painter Anthony Lister is also taking the international art scene by storm -added to the mix is Sydney’s most uncompromising contemporary artist Kill Pixie who is set to fellow is the footsteps of both Brookes and Lister.

This exhibition will also be The Lab 101 Galleries three year marker for the opening of its doors in the Culver City Arts District, its fourth years in existence as a static art gallery and its sixth year operating in the art world curating local and International exhibitions. It also marks our final schedules exhibition for the year.
This exhibitions runs though to November 28th,2007.

Kelsey Brookes was born in 1978. A formally trained scientist he now lives and works in San Diego as an illustrator and painter. His art is an unrefined and some say unskilled mix of sex, comedy and animals…born from a true passion for all three (not always at the same time). He blames this raw, anxious form of art on the U.S. University system which refuses to teach its scientists how to draw. His art can be found broadly throughout the US and Europe on a variety of media including apparel for RVCA’s Artist Network Program, prints for Pictures On Walls and within his hand made zines he always caries in his back pocket. Kelsey’s art is represented internationally by the Lazarides gallery (London).

Mark Whalen aka KillPixie
A horizon splits a vast pastel-coloured void that’s punctuated with detailed and idiosyncratic characters – it is the unmistakable calling card of Sydney’s most uncompromising contemporary artist Kill Pixie. Developing his craft in the city ghettos, this former street artist has made an astounding transition to softer mediums. His delicate line work and masterful use of colour through ink, watercolour and acrylic communicate beautifully through his choice of canvass – mostly paper or resinated hand-made wooden boxes. His pattern work is unorthodox and abstract yet strikes a schizophrenic harmony with his longing and respect for space. The result is often compositions that are equally as beautiful as they are absurd and/or humorous. Embedded with symbols and life experiences the work is often a suggestion what could have been. Pixie presents a prophecy for an abstracted, urban version of folk art.

Anthony Lister
Australian born/ Brooklyn based painter Anthony Lister is taking the international art scene by storm. He exhibits prolifically in London, Europe, Australia and in the USA. Exploiting the trite nature of the everyday while exposing its place in the hairy underbelly of society, Lister’s work often illustrates the marginal aspects of life we’d rather not linger on – people down on their luck, convicted criminals, the drudgery of the daily grind.

For more info contact-
The Lab 101 Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd. , Culver City, CA. 90232
Phone: 310 558 0911
Web site:
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am -6.30pm Saturday 12am – 6pm

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