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Publico by Eltono

02.6.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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The career of French street artist Eltono has evolved in new and exciting ways since his start in 1989. His most recent work aimed to rescue street art and place pieces on view at the Rojo Art Space in Milan. The project began with 48 unique posters and evolved into 16 pieces posted in the neighborhood surrounding the gallery. By leaving the corners of the posters unglued, Eltono invited the public and nature to contribute to the finished pieces. Over a five day period, he patrolled the postered route and collected a piece once he felt it was sufficiently composed. Of the original 16 pieces, 8 were rescued and returned to the gallery for view, 2 were stolen, 2 were destroyed and two remain in their initially posted locations. Publico remains on view at the Rojo Art Space until February 28th.



Pasted: Date and hour. Rescued: Date and hour. Place

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