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Alternative Transport: Piaggio MP3 500

07.1.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Piaggio MP3 500
Moving forward we want to bring some increased attention to alternate modes of transportation. As energy prices rise and environmental awareness becomes more prominent, we look for new perspectives on how we travel. Whether environmentalism is your motivation or not, it’s time we take a fresh look at modes of travel which have largely been unchanged for generations.

Earlier this year Piaggio introduced the MP3 500 and it went pretty much under the mainstream radar. Now that gasoline prices have pretty much doubled since the introduction of these innovative scooters, they may get some of the credit they’re due. We recently witnessed a few of these in action, right in our neighborhood, and were immediately intrigued. It’s not every day you see what amounts to a backward tricycle in a scooter. But these are no toys. They can reach speeds in excess of 90mph and get an incredible 60mpg. While they will not compete in miles per gallon with their much smaller counterparts, Piaggio X9 or the Typhoon, these scooters are a pretty good choice if you’ve got a little more of a commute.

Piaggio MP3 500

9 Responses to “Alternative Transport: Piaggio MP3 500”

  1. Alex Jones Says:

    I’d love to take it off some sweet jumps.

  2. brittany. Says:

    ha. i saw one of these for the first time today. i thought someone just took a crotch rocket and added 2 wheels to the front themselves.

  3. Rob @ Says:

    I have noticed 3 of these just this week running around SoCal.

    They look really cool in person.

  4. Toshi Jones Says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I think I’m seeing way more scooters and motorcycles around LA in the past month or so. I’ve seen 4 mopeds in the past week alone. it’s crazy to think that we might have hit the threshold with gas prices. There seem to be a lot of people making real change in their lives. Mind blowing.

  5. vanfeggelen Says:

    es estupenda ya encargue una
    espectacular no lo piense comprala

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  8. Suryadi Says:

    I’ve one, iwant to modified it, who can help me. Please contac me thankyou.

  9. Suryadi Says:

    I’ve one, I want to modified it. Where i cam buy the modification parts, like body cover & rear shocbreaker.

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