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OFFF Barcelona 2007

05.25.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Events   |   By: Aaron Frebowitz
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offf_01.jpgSince 2001, the OFFF conference in Barcelona (more recently including New York and Mexico) has merged everything digital in the world of creativity. From artists, to designers to musicians, the event focuses on the strides made in new visual aesthetics and interactive fortitude. Some past names on the bill have included; Joshua Davis, John Maeda, Stefan Sagmeister and Renascent (amongst countless others).
However, in this humble blogster’s opinion, what really stole the show in 2007 were the opening titles to the conference. Huge kudos going to Patrick Scruggs Jr., Federico Reano and Tomás Peña for taking us on an astounding ride of the creative process. Ranging from a brainstorming phase, to a reinterpreted vision of the history of analog art. Early century Art Nouveau, Op Art, Expressionism, 70′s Pyschadelia, and every other movement under the sun are hit upon, expanded on, and executed flawlessly. To boot, Eduardo Larez adds some sound design to the mix that truly enhances and elevates this piece into becoming something special. And if you think all that wasn’t enough, grab your old school 3D glasses, this piece is meant to be viewed with ‘em. Now puff, puff, pass… homie.

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