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10.6.06   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Fashion   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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Not just a t-shirt site anymore, Oddica just released an issue of it’s own magazine. It’s almost all illustraion and photography (which suits us just fine). We got turned on to Oddica when a friend of ours walked in with the coolest shipping bag we’d ever seen and pulled an amazing Julie Hill T-shirt out of it. When we read about Oddica’s 41% revenue sharing plan to boot, we knew we were looking at a winner.

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  1. Neu Black » Blog Archive » UNKL Says:

    [...] They’ve since been making art, clothing, and toys you keeping finding in all the best little spots like Oddica and Giant Robot. [...]

  2. Neu Black » Blog Archive » Jeremy Prasatik Says:

    [...] We found a few really nice T-shirt designs by mutli talented designer/art director/whatever Jeremy Prasatik at JP33. When you’ve designed projects for the likes of Cadillac, Hummer, Saturn, Chevrolet, Wharton School of Management, Split, Emerica, Etnies, and Oddica, people might start to think you’ve got some skills under your belt. If you’d like a JP33 print of your very own you can find them here. [...]

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