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01.23.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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With Obama finally in office and all the coverage we’ve given Shepard Fairey on his posters, we had to laugh when we saw Obamiconme. Now you can upload anything you picture you want and create a Obama style poster. If you can deliver a message of change and hope inspiring the entire county, you can also run for president.

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  1. GypsyBl00d Says:

    Check out this company’s version of the obama poster. You send your photo to them and the send you a proof in a few days. Then they print your stuff on canvas and frame it if you want. Their samples look way cleaner than obamicanme.


  2. Sue | Pillows Says:

    I just love this type of work and it has often been used in movies as the props, I remember that in school doing art that one of our projects was something similar we have to first do a picture in pencil and then in black and white and then in color, this was one of my favorite art projects, thanks for that link I am going to have a look at it later.

  3. Orlando Revils Says:

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