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Miika Saksi

06.10.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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Freelance creative director, and illustrator, Miika Saksi wows us with his colorful array splashed through out his body of work. Hailing from Finland Saksi specializes in illustrations, photo manipulations, and graphically design art pieces. Our personal favorite is the Stormtrooper Women piece he did for Stupido Records which is the only serious competition for dogs with lasers we’ve ever seen.







5 Responses to “Miika Saksi”

  1. Jaime Says:

    This stuff is redic! Nice find! :)

  2. Raychel Says:

    These images disturb me, but make me smile.

  3. Kellis Says:

    Stormtrooper chicks are hot but they are nothing but drama. As soon as another chick even looks at you, out comes the laser rifle.

  4. dry hair Says:

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  5. pau d arco inner bark Says:

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