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Immaterial Assemblies @ Junc

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Immaterial Assemblies May 19-June 23
Reception Saturday May 19 7-10 p.m.

Featuring: Michele Blade, Michelle Carlson, Kelly Lynn Jones

The title refers to the themes of assemblies in the artists work as a both
a gathering of individuals and objects removed from their complacent
cultural positions and reassigned for the purpose of personal

Michelle Blade investigates the transformative roll of public gatherings
where social hierarchy dissolves and abrupt moments of collective
completion occur. Examination of these moments point to cultural desires of
utopia, transcendence, and authentic experience. In works evocative of the
Romantic period, tiny figures huddle along side monuments ranging from an
oversized banner to Stonehenge, suggesting the trepidation and awe
experienced in confronting the sublimity of nature and the desire for a
communal experience.


Michele Carlson juxtaposes cultural references as means to investigate the
creation and perpetuation of representation, grand narratives and
collective memory. “Specifically, I am interested in the problem of rigid
modes representation when something or someone does not line up with what
it is said to represent. It is within these moments of failure where new
stories can be suggested and old, fixed narratives can begin to be torn
down.” The results are compelling large scale drawings that skirt stylistic
sources as a means of enticing you for a closer investigation then
wittingly dare the viewer into an open dialog.

Examining memories as constructs of attachment and desire rather than a
series of factual events is the basis for the work of Kelly Lynn Jones.
Using old photographs As a point of departure people, objects, locations
and events are removed from their original or “real” context and assigned
to new realities formed from the artists own connections. The resulting
drawing and paintings unveil memory as a vacuum and mechanism for
consolidating facts with pathology making the resulting recollections that
much more real.

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Junc Gallery
4017 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029

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