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MacBook Air: Innovation in Portable Computers

01.15.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Toshi Jones
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MacBook Air Portable Thin Computer at MacWorld
During his much anticipated keynote speech at todays Mac World kick off, Steve Jobs announced a new line of very thin very portable MacBooks. The MacBook Air has a 1.8″ hard drive, 13.3″ widescreen backlit LED, approximately 5 hours battery life, and multi-touch trackpad. The track pad feature allows the user to double-tap and move, rotate photos by pivoting your index finger around your thumb, as well as pinch & zoom.

MacBook Air Thin Portable Computer at MacWorld

It is reported Intel shrunk the size of the Core 2 Duo chip by 60% to fit in the new machine. The fully aluminum case and 56% less retail packaging than a MacBook are yet another step taken by Mac in the “green” direction. The MacBook Air is also the first fully mercury and lead free display. It’s circuit boards are also BFR free.
MacBook_Air_Mac_World_Thin portable computer
MacBook Air Portable Thin Computer at MacWorld
The new MacBook Air starts at $1799 is available for pre-order today, and is expected to be shipping in two weeks.

- Via Mac Rumors

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  1. cleantypeface Says:

    There’s a pretty cool video of this on gizmodo-

  2. onethousandohms Says:

    Hip design or not, thin client is here, and I don’t like it.

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