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Love Will Bring Us Apart Again

02.25.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Events   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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If you missed the opening of Love Will Bring Us Apart Again at the Scion Installation Space you must have been the only one because it was packed. That’s really no surprise with a laundry list of up and coming talent like Tim Blake , Conrad Leach, Luis Perez, Gustavo Gagliardo, Sean Alexander, Pakpoom Silaphan, Craig Lynn, James Holdsworth, Peter Gravelle, Tony Pronier, Cat James, Ryan Hadley, Nick McFarlane, Ben Allen, Emelie Salford, Dominic Allan, John Parkin, Super Violence, Brian Jones, Janna Stern, David Hollier, Mr Wim, Sunil Pawar, James Mathers, John Counsell, Antoine Corbineau, and Robalot.

The Show runs until march 1st, so if you hurry you can still make it.

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Photos by Colin Young-Wolff


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3 Responses to “Love Will Bring Us Apart Again”

  1. rachel beter Says:

    was an absolutely amazing night! beautiful artwork wicked music

  2. cleantypeface Says:

    Quite a party

  3. fdsfsdf Says:

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