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Lamborghini Ankonian

12.15.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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You may recall when we talked about the Lamborghini Reventon (which is tough to forget once you’ve seen it). Designer Slavche Tanevsky has taken this concept to the next level with his Lamborghini Ankonian Concept.
This mid-engine super car has a more aggressive demeanor than the Reventon, and according to Lambo the smaller body boats a more environmentally friendly status (though in all fairness, this isn’t exactly a Prius). While we haven’t been able to find any performance stats on this bad boy, it’s safe to say it probably goes fast enough to make your hair stand on end. While we’re sure that’s fun, if it were ours for a day we might just roll down the boulevard at 5mph to let everyone get a good look.







15 Responses to “Lamborghini Ankonian”

  1. Eric Says:

    Look for its next appearance in a Batman film.

  2. Alex Jones Says:

    I agree with the comment about Batman

  3. silver Says:

    it doesn’t have any side mirrors. how will i see the shocked expression of everyone’s face as i blow by them????

  4. Neu Black Says:

    Are you kidding? I’d drive this thing down the boulevard at 5mph so I can see peoples looks for myself :-)

  5. Marcus Says:

    thats wicked,
    but some advice for the design, cover up the back wheels abit and put a nitros oxide tank at the back , that would really blow those people away!!!!!!

  6. Marcus Says:

    Yes this is real design !!!! Especially comparing to the shitty “Ferrari copy and paste carosserie”
    The only sense to buy a Ferrari ist profil neurotism. Taste buyes Lambo!!

  7. Shinto Says:

    The concept car appears to not include side view mirrors but it does have side-view Cameras.
    there is no way you can see behind you with this car so it will require cameras.

  8. Devon Says:

    If you look at the front cornerpanel it seems that there are indeed rearview mirrors just below the lip….it’s more visible on the model

  9. showbikers Says:

    I like Lamborghini…good concept…

  10. showbikers Says:

    nice concept……I like Lamborghini

  11. Jaheim Says:

    shit looks fly dawg where can i get me one

  12. Chris Says:

    There is only one problem with this car…. it doesn’t have the lambo lines…

  13. tabirr Says:

    dude that is the best looking lambo i have ever seen where can i get one like that

  14. edgar Says:

    you man this baby is incredable how to fuck did they made it

  15. benz Says:

    the dark

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