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LAIKA- Real Time Dynamic Type Rendering

11.3.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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In most cases we would consider automated font adjustment (using the bold button in MS word rather than using a bolder font weight) a crime against the printed word. LAIKA however, seems to have taken the automated rendering of typography in a new direction with shockingly good results. LAIKA is the BA thesis work of Nicolas Kunz and Michael Flückiger and is one of the first examples we’ve come across of real time dynamic type rendering.

“Type has always been something static.
In considering type we speak, for example, in terms of bold, thin, grotesque, classical, roman, italic: terms that all describe a defined variant of the font family. Thus we only ever see individual fixed points in what is actually an infinitely wide space of possibilities.

With digitalisation, however, typeface has left its manifest image – cast in lead – behind, and with it all the associated limitations. Computer-based applications, the Internet and new, fluid advertising media allow us to go beyond the existing, static view of typography.” -from LAIKA website.

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