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Kerry Clarkson Valdivia

12.13.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Fashion   |   By: Whitney Coates
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Shoes inspired by horse’s reigns? The result is quite charming as designed by Kerry Clarkson Valdivia. Her newest line of heels and boots have a distinct silhouette,reminiscent of the curves on a pinup girl. The addition of satin, bows, and rounded toes add to their appeal. Valdivia has each of her shoes made by cobblers in Peru, skilled artisans in the art of shoemaking. “So many things are mass-produced,” Valdivia says. “People don’t question where things come from anymore;The more machine-made shoes people buy, the less of a need there is for traditional handcrafting. Do you really want a place where everything is automated?” Valdavia’s creations can be found at Marcello Toshi



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  1. HEDMUSH Says:

    Hello, you`r collection is beatifuk
    I`m confused there are 2 marcellos toshi
    in the web .
    they have very beautiful shoes too

    greeting from YOSHO

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