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Keeping the Fire Alive

08.17.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Modern Home   |   By: Whitney Coates
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This linear bonfire, designed by London sculptor Cathy Azria, is a dramatic construction of steel rods. Each piece is custom and made to fit into any opening. The “burning branches” glow and emit crackling and popping sounds as the steel expands, providing a sensory impact that is unique each time it is lit.

As her website explains, ”Fireplaces are no longer just about winter warmth. Now they are year-round focal points in our living spaces.” Whether they provide solace and comfort on a cold winter evening or a stunning visual display, we are enticed by the ever transforming pieces that Cathy has created. We recommend checking out her site at


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  3. MII Says:

    this one is my favorite :)

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