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Jonathan Adler Porcelain Vases

11.9.06   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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jonathan-adler-vases-1.jpg These white porcelain vases by Jonathan Adler have such wonderful shape and texture. Because they are minimal and organic, they will look good for years. The Tamarind Vase (left) is approximately 17.5 inches high and sells for $198. The Belly Vase (right) is approximately 10.5 inches high and goes for $110. Both are white porcelain and can be purchased here.

2 Responses to “Jonathan Adler Porcelain Vases”

  1. Porcelain Repair Says:

    Whoa, awesome story. I just now came across your site and I’m already a fan. :P

  2. Linda Kaufmann Says:

    you give a height for the 17 1/2 ” Tamarind, ,but my client wants it for a mantle that is only 9″ wide. what is the width (NOT circumference) of the tamarind. I do not want a vase that hangs over her mantle. Thanks for your help. Also, I will need this in platinum.

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