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Jeff Reidel: Capturing Election ’08

11.4.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Jeff Reidel: Capturing Election ‘08
Jeff Reidel’s recent coverage of Election ’08 is steeped with nuance. From Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain (above) to Bill Richardson (below) and Arianna Huffington, this series for GQ Magazine uniquely portrays the various players in the game often exposing the gaffs, stereotypes and criticisms each has endured throughout this election season.

Jeff Reidel: Capturing Election ‘08
A good example of Jeff’s nuance in Arianna Huffington’s portrayal (below) is the choice of her surroundings. A formal library serves as a background for her portrait. In the foreground is a group of modern gadgets, all items which define her methods of communication. The contrasting representation of these objects within a very traditional setting is analogous to her position within the media establishment.

Jeff Reidel: Capturing Election ‘08

Jeff Reidel: Capturing Election ‘08

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