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Jedi Masters 1024 Collective Trip The Light Fantastic

07.19.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Music, Tech   |   By: Nils de Mol van Otterloo
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Oh the kids these days. There was a time when a few guitars cranked to 11, a light show and a fog machine (plus a fair amount of illicit substances) equaled a rockin’ good time, but this is 2010 and the Summer of Love is more than four decades in the dustbin.

1024 Collective is Francois Wunschel and Pier Schneider, these wundkinds of the digital era have the Total Package: Space, Sound, Visual, Light, Body - an aesthetic that would make most DJ/VJ’s want to change their diaper and go back to their “day job” at Kinkos.

All kidding aside, this has to be regarded as further evidence that there is a quantum shift taking place in the world of music and arts. Musicians and Artists take note: if you want to hang your bad, anime-inspired art at the local coffee shop and play your acoustic guitar and sing about “Change” on open mic night, go right ahead, just don’t expect me to be there. I will be here:

What this all leads to is the inevitable conclusion that the “Triumph of the New York School” is over and this is one more example that Europe, with it’s state funded Arts and Design schools are pumping out the product in terms of  brilliant design and engineering in the world of audio visual arts.

It’s time for MIT Media Center and CalArts to quit playing “World of Warcraft” and step up their game.

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