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Illustrator Raquel Aparicio

03.25.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Rebecca Swanner
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Spanish illustrator Raquel Aparicio blows us away time and time again with her delicate drawings and rich, but not overwhelming, color palette. Unlike other artists who have a single, trademark style, Aparicio uses a variety of techniques and styles that makes her work appear to be created by many different hands. For instance, in the series “Russian Fairy Tales,” some pieces are painted in what appears to be the Japanese style, while in others she makes her own twist on traditional folk art.

Though at first glance Aparicio’s work appears wholly sweet, you’ll notice when you look deeper that there is an almost sinister-like quality to many of of her images. Scissors with teeth, women strumming roaches like violins, and insane Cookie Monsters are just a few examples of the darker side of the images created by this woman who also, at times, illustrates children’s books and items for the New York Times.



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  1. Lynn Kenneth Pecknold Says:

    I have appreciated viewing imagination on the page. Drawing conversations flowing into streams!

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