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I Met the Walrus (Interview with John Lennon)

08.25.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Music   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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I Met the Walrus is a wonderful animation on top of a recorded interview with The Beatles John Lennon by a 14 year old fan named Jerry Levitan in Toronto, Canada. Originally recorded in 1969, Lennon was still at the height of Beatle fame and the Vietnam war was in full swing.
Lennon has some very interesting things to say about war, the public’s relationship with it’s government, and personal responsibility that have an emboldened meaning at the moment due to the upcoming American elections.
While the recording is undoubtedly worth listening to by itself, the animation directed by Josh Raskin and illustrated by James Braithwaite has a charmingly childlike Beatlesque quality to it. Raskin and Braithwaite pay quite a bit of tribute to the Yellow Submarine style of yesteryear and marry it perfectly with modern day motion graphic sensibilty.
In our opinion, this is a real treat that you’ll want to watch a few times so you can both listen to Lennons hippy ravings and not miss any of the whimsical animated fun.

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