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Folding Picnic Basket by XXD

06.3.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Modern Home   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Folding Picnic Basket by XXD
Picnicing is an inconvenient past time. Hauling around clunky baskets and blankets, glasses and flatware. XXD’s Folding Picnic Basket just may make me more likely to lunch in my natural habitat. The convenience is key, I’m not about to pack a lunch unless there’s something in it for me, and now there is.

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Folding Picnic Basket by XXD

3 Responses to “Folding Picnic Basket by XXD”

  1. Folding Picnick Basket « Dustbowl Says:

    [...] Folding Picnick Basket Published June 4, 2008 Design By XXD.  Neato.  Posting from [...]

  2. Rying Says:

    Great design. I would love to see this kind of design next time I get on an airplane :-)

  3. Wicker Picnic Basket Says:

    This is indeed a very convenient design to have for a picnic basket, considering picnics are all about portability!

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