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Float bed by Max Longin

10.23.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Modern Home   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Float bed by Max Longin
With all of the sleep assistance innovations introduced in the past few years, many have departed from the luxury of well constructed furniture. We were pleased to discover The Float bed. Created by Danish furniture designer Max Longin this new approach takes night time comfort to levels not seen since the water bed. Drawing from the notion that we all long to be cradled and rocked just as infants do, the Float bed allows each individual to find their own center on the suspended platform, which moves when you move.

Each piece is handmade and finished by the designer himself. Which explains the hefty price tag at $8,200 to start. For some of us a good nights sleep might be worth the set back.

Float bed by Max Longin

Float bed by Max Longin

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  1. Ben Munson Says:

    I’ve slept in beds that swing like this in Mexico to keep the crawlies out. Great if you sleep alone and terrible if you get whiplashed around by your tossing bedmate. Form follows function again!

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