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Flare Façade

10.9.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Flare Facade
Interactive art and design studio WHITEvoid introduced their FLARE-facade prototype at the NEXT art & technology exhibition. The system acts like living skin moving and adjusting, animating the surface of the building. The modular metal flakes are controlled by pneumatic pistons which tilt the flakes creating a variety of animation options. By reflecting ambient or direct sunlight, the individual flakes of the FLARE system act like pixels formed by natural light. The system has yet to be applied as a physical installation. We see real opportunities here, but will wait to make judgment until the system has been officially carried out.
Flare Facade

2 Responses to “Flare Façade”

  1. theisovist Says:

    Apparently if I write for too long, the autorefresh on this site will delete anything I type up. Here’s the short version. This is a terrible idea. It’s prone to breaking, it allows no views or daylighting into the interior. If used as a facade, you would need to seal the wall behind it, if used as a wall, it allows no control over the elements. It’s only purpose could be super-signage, which in the end makes this nothing more than an expensive billboard. If you want to see something like this done right, take a look at the pittsburgh children’s museum, and it’s facade by Ned Kahn. It has no mechanical parts, responds to the enviroment around it, and still allows light through to the interior. see the articulated cloud on this page:

  2. Robert Says:

    compare the overall formfactor of the “Blechbüchse” (a shopping mall) in Leipzig, Germany:

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