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Fashioning Felt at Cooper Hewitt NY

03.5.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Fashion   |   By: Toshi Jones
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This ever versatile fabric is finally getting it’s dues, Copper Hewitt’s Fashioning Felt is an homage to one of the simplest forms of textile. The exhibit, which opens tomorrow and runs through September 7th, will explore the many uses of felt. From ancient techniques and applications to modern uses in fashion, architecture and industrial design. The exhibition highlights two of today’s premier felt artists Janice Arnold and Claudy Jongstra with on site installations. The material, which is essentially pulverized raw wool, is showcased through the work of fashion designers Yeohlee Teng, Christine Birkel, and a special viewing of artist Andrea Zittel’s “A-Z Personal Uniform Series.” For more information be sure to check out the Cooper Hewitt site here.




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