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Easier Than Reading

04.13.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Rebecca Swanner
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We love finding ways to waste time on the internet. But, instead of rapidly rotting our brain by cruising the celebrity blogs, we prefer to find sites where we can tap into our creativity. During one recent hunt for such a site, we discovered Easier Than Reading, a site that allows you to create a marionette and send it out to your friends (and maybe soon…Facebook?). First, you select a puppet model from their collection that includes Hugh Hefner, Darth Vader, diet weirdo Richard Simmons, and other pop culture celebs, then add a background, dance move, and record a hilarious audio that will have your friend rolling on the floor when they open your email. Just a note: the default voices for each are more than a bit off, so it’s definitely worth using your in-computer mic to overdub. Go on with your bad self, mess with pop culture.




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