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Daniel Rozin’s Wooden Mirror

03.14.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: A. Salem Jones
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wooden-mirror-03.jpgDaniel Rozin has created a variety of artwork which originates with a video feed. What follows is often spectacular, as is seen in this piece. A video camera collects information about what is in front of the mirror and feeds it to a computer. Individual pieces of wood are rotated to reflect varying amounts of light from a source above. A monochromatic video is recreated through this grid of wooden pieces. Adding to the experience, the mirror makes a fascinating sound as the it moves the pieces into and out of position.

It is fascinating to take something which we cannot watch, such as electroics, and mechanize it. It humanizes the process. The material choice was also particularly interesting. Wood is such a contrast to electronics and video that we can’t believe we are watching a wooden screen.

The piece is consists of a wooden frame, video camera, computer, control electronics, and 830 square pieces of wood, each with a servo motor. A video of the mirror in action can be viewed here.

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