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Cubesato feat. Meine Meinung- Vanishing Point

04.29.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Music   |   By: Alma Jones
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Anyone with an eye for art (and an ear for music) will attest to how the video “Vanishing Point” is a great addition to your mood board.

With a flair coveted by many, Takuya Hosogane uses Flash animation to give his videos an extra oomph factor. His inspirations include John Maeda and Yugo Nakamura, also great artists in their own right. Hosogane (known as Bonsajo among his colleagues) has many other works that make use of math-generated art. Visit his private website, or view more of his works here:

Takuya Hosogane used computer motiongraphics for this video, his usual weapon of choice. Through the use of math-generated art, he has earned a well-deserved reputation in being a “logical” artist, a living oxymoron of rational expression. Notice how he uses visual artistry to give sound a signature emphasis – or is it the other way around? Bonsajo has shown real relationships through abstract-inspired, math-directed graphics animation in Vanishing Point, showing how even the simplest of items can vividly portray tangible truths in a full-bloom artistic escapade.

Cubesato and Meine Meinung both take credit for the music in this video.

More than just surviving in the cutthroat music business, Cubesato from Japan is earning a not-so-quiet applause among electronica aficionados worldwide. Listen to his works at

Equally deserving of credit is Meine Meinung, a five-piece band. Listen to more of Meine Meinung at

Music-wise, the Vanishing Point video track is both modern and refreshing. Despite the avant-garde transitions, Meine Meinung laid down a stable theme for Cubesato to work on, producing a rich background for Cubesato’s art.

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