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Computer Luv Redesign

12.4.09   |   Posted in: Art & Design, Tech   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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As the world of interactive publishing keeps evolving, a few select sites have chosen to re-invent the traditional (if you can call roughly 5 years traditional) blog format. We saw Engadget add quite a bit to it in their relaunch a few weeks ago. While not a huge leap in format it was a drastic step forward both visually and functionally by Code and Theory.
But our long time favorite Computerluv relaunched today with a fairly long leap away from looking like a “blog”. This is a site for designers and by designers so we’re curious to see if this is embraced by a very forward thinking group, or if it becomes a catalyst for mass defection (see newstoday’s relaunch as QBN).
Apparently there are two additional sites to follow- for those who wish to post a portfolio, and which lists it’s description only as “Talents Awards”. The new design also promises to offer features that allow you auto update your blog, flickr, vimeo, and twitter accounts through by posting on Computerluv, a very useful feature for artists who want to spread the word about their work with minimal effort.
All in all, our general take on this redesign is that it’s well done and stays true to the original look of the site. It’s the same clean and minimal look we’ve seen on Computerluv for years with a twist that focuses more on images rather than text (which is probably what most users come here for anyway).
We feel like this maybe falling short in one small area however. This page has a more compact format for posts, and as such we’d like to see fifty or so posts per page rather than the dozen or so currently displayed. We’re interested to see how this pans out as we see one more site take a moment to rethink the way communication happens between a community of people in the first quater of the twenty first century.

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