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Cara Barer

06.20.07   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Aaron Frebowitz
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I don’t know about the lot of you, but personally, I haven’t read a novel since I graduated the 10th grade. In an increasingly visual culture, I find my stimuli by building relationships between narrative AND aesthetics. However subjective; it’s compelling, intriguing, and fairly integral to any creative process. Not to mention, I can wiki any piece of info, get the gist, and spew the jargon necessary to seem intelligent and well-read.

Cara Barer presents an interesting evolution to this. ‘My photographs are a documentation of a physical evolution. I have changed a common object into sculpture in a state of flux. The way we choose to research and find information is also an evolution… the ephemeral and fragile nature in which we now obtain knowledge, and the future of books.’

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