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Brittanie Pendleton

06.25.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Andrea Tumino
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Born in 1988 in California, Brittanie Pendleton currently lives and works in Austin, Texas and already has a few things under her belt. Her website, Hairplay Photography, contains a beautiful array of vision-driven photography set in the ‘everyday’. It reminds us of the striking work you would see in an Urban Outfitters catalog. What looks like ‘just another Facebook girl’s photo collection’ is more like a talented, up and coming, young woman who knows how to utilize a camera and the settings around her to get an effect that we think we have seen before but continue to love it for its familiarity.











10 Responses to “Brittanie Pendleton”

  1. marisol Says:

    Im really impressed by her work, each time she grows up with new ideas and explore the most beautiful feelings .. im so inspired by her pictures and mind..

  2. Betmig Says:

    Wow, amazing artwork! so beautiful and deep! ^_^ also she’s seems to be a stunning person too!. <3

  3. yusufyusuf85 Says:

    I love your works…. Amazing shots…

  4. yusufyusuf85 Says:

    Amazing photos…. Great shots…!

  5. Marcelo das Fotos Says:

    This girl knows how to be beautiful. Her photos and her expression match perfectly.

  6. Marty Says:

    Brit is smart and talented and willing to work hard in thought and deed to become an artist. It has been fulfilling to watch her progress over the years. I really dig the red floor and feet image here, hadn’t seen that one before for some reason.

  7. Neu Black Says:

    These photo’s have that magical combination of looking beautiful and totally effortless at the same time.

  8. Scribouille Says:

    Très poétique, des photos pleine de charme. La photographe semble aussi à l’aise dans la photo intimiste que dans celle à visée plus démonstrative (je n’ose pas écrire commercial ). Beaucoup de talent.

  9. spanspan Says:

    wow. quite a find. really enjoy her diversity.

  10. JOJOKYRA Says:

    go, go hairplay! :D

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