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“Brad Forever” Not Just a Bilboard

06.13.11   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Last week James Franco appeared on a Gucci sponsored Hollywood billboard with the tribute “BRAD” engraved into his arm. The photos featured in the billboard are the fruits of a collaboration between the 33 year old actor and The Thing Quarterly for their Issue No. 14. For a mere $75 they have put together a tight little package which features 6×8.5 inch table mirror with a wallet sized photo of the actor Brad Renfro. The photo is set into the mirror frame and is accompanied by handwritten, lipstick* text (written on each mirror by James Franco). The text reads “Brad Forever.” The issue also includes a 9.5 x 27 inch black and white fold-out poster of James receiving a carving of the word “BRAD” in his arm by tattooer Mark Mahoney.

Franco co-starred with Renfro in the 2002 film Deuces Wild. In early 2008 Brad Renfro was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment. His death was found to be the result of an accidental heroine overdose. He was 25.

3 Responses to ““Brad Forever” Not Just a Bilboard”

  1. RNDM Says:

    That sucks

  2. Murray Says:

    Tragic and sad.

    How many people have to have their lives ruined and/or die from drugs/alcohol/smoking before people leave it all alone?

    The truly sad question is : will we EVER learn?

    - M

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