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Bomb It

06.17.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Trina Calderon
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This colorful flick is a hardcore glance at the global graffiti movement. It offers an accurate history – quickly dispelling NY as the birthplace of American graf and giving a fly animated recap of Cornbread and his hits on Philly in the late 70’s. Bomb it moves right into NYC and introduces a wide cast of OG artists from some of the first crews. They offer explanations and really specific details on bombing missions and tagging up in their neighborhoods.

There is some great interview footage with serious old skooler TKID in a park in the Bronx and he recalls the rise and fall of subway art and how the street art obsession has led many to their grave. Not only is the artwork photographed well, but the interviews are real, candid, and offer an intimate conversation with some artists that you would probably never bump into at a Museum, or on the street – because most are out writing when you are sleeping. There are amazing tidbits on lettering style, militia bombing excursions, and the personal lives the artists have years after they first got up.

The main theme running throughout the film is clearly the artist’s need to express him or herself and the issue of doing it on the street – for free, for fun, and for social statement. No one pays street artists – they risk their life, their freedom to get their art up. Over 100 artists from the likes of Japan, the US, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, and the Lebanon are showcased. Graffiti is a weapon for many of these artists. It is energy and an attack on public space and public thought. It’s their form of communication to let the world know who they are, and what they stand for. The movie will be out on DVD soon, but it is on a theatrical tour now – check out Bomb It’s website to see where you can catch it.

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