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Bert Simons

05.1.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Kellis Landrum
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Bert Simons amazes us with his very life like paper sculptures of himself and other lucky candidates. This Rotterdam, Netherlands native seems to have quite a hand at 3D imaging and rendering. The sculptures he creates could almost be the real clones of the people they represent.

This seems to be an interesting facet of art imitating life. While some of you video gamers have probably created characters with your picture applied to them, this process seems to work in reverse. Rather than creating art in the real world and bringing it to life on a computer Simons’ process works the other way around.


“Some time ago I had a midlife crisis,” says Simons “and was thinking a lot about the purpose of my life, things that will remain and stuff like that…instead of indulging myself into depression I desperately started looking for a solution and I came up with this idea..I decided to clone myself..more me’s have more chances..”.

Want to have your own personal Bert Simons clone? Click here to print out your own paper sculpture of Burt Simons. It seems he’s already got a small club of clones popping up across the world. We will be adding a few to the bunch real soon.

5 Responses to “Bert Simons”

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  2. nancy sanford Says:

    An interesting project to be sure. Soon there will be a Bert Simons on my shelf to join my miniture Harrison Ford in his Raiders garb right here in St. Petersburg, Florida USA… Thanks for an interesting project. N

  3. nancy sanford Says:

    Hmmmm – seem to be missing pages 12 thru 15… Should I be worried? Nothing shows up to be printed. I’d hate to miss out on something…. N

  4. bert Says:

    hey..just stumbled accross myself.. no nancy, yoy are not missing anything…

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