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Bayarch’s Hollywood Sign Concept

05.3.10   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Alma Jones
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Although looking at a Playboy centerfold is enough female art to get you through the day, the great Hugh Hefner does a little more to contribute to the art world by lending a hand in saving one of the most iconic landmarks of our generation. Problem is, it looks like the generous donation wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place, what with design company Bayarch’s proposed plan.

Having served as a beacon to both the person who loves movies and the person who wants to star in them, the Hollywood sign has stood strong since 1923 (when it first appeared as “Hollywoodland”). Decades after serving as a silent but strong symbol of the showbiz industry, the Hollywood sign’s existence is now threatened by rumors of being torn down to give way to housing projects.
To help preserve the legendary sign, Hugh Hefner donated $900,000 to the Trust for Public Land to purchase Cahuenga Peak, the land where the Hollywood sign is now standing. Thanks to several hefty donations (pun not intended), the sign will stand yet another day.

But a solution has been brewing all along that would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Bayarch, a design and architecture company based in Ringkobing and Copenhagen, came up with a plan to unify both the ideas of preserving the Hollywood sign and establishing a luxury housing project. The façade of Bayarch’s proposed building clearly pays its tribute to the original giant billboard. However, a commercial edifice belies the unassuming front, consisting of a hotel, cinemas, spas, and clubs built right into the structure.

From afar, Bayarch’s design intends to conserve the legendary Hollywood sign. But the company has gone a step further by toying with the investors’ idea of developing the real estate.

The design includes public access to the top of the Hollywood sign, providing a lavish view of Los Angeles below. The commercial complex is also largely made of glass walls and windows to provide an open, spacious retreat for those who can’t resist the glamour of Hollywood.

So much money has passed hands, so many debates have commenced. If Bayarch’s ingenious plan has been revealed early on, one wonders how different things would have been – and if Hefner would have saved himself almost a million dollars.

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