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Banksy’s Academy Award Run

02.16.11   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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On the heels of his Oscar nomination for “Exit Through the Gift Shop” the illusive Banksy has returned to Los Angeles hitting some familiar spots. Just blocks from his famed Melrose Rat, appeared the much less permanent billboard adaptation (below). While the Oscar nod has not impressed Bansky in the least, his commentary on the industry his loud and clear.

Beginning with the popularity of the Barely Legal warehouse show, Banksy has made waves in Los Angeles. It seems we have become the staging ground for his most grand of statements. Many will argue that Banksy is solely responsible for the work produced under the Mr. Brainwash moniker. It may be difficult to imagine producing masses of work displayed at the “Life is Beautiful” show, creating the documentary, and staging Thierry Guetta as a facade. But in our humble opinion we wouldn’t put it past him.

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    Can’t wait to check these out.

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