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Banksy Goes Legal

10.9.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Neu Black
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Headline grabbing British street art star BANKSY grabbed even more attention this week when two massive new murals featuring his trademark rat character were unveiled in downtown NYC. The enormous spots were not the artist’s usual sneak attacks, however, as both images appeared on legally rented walls and were painted—in uncharacteristically plain sight over the course of several days—by commissioned Manhattan sign painters COLOSSAL MEDIA. Of course this has raised the eyebrows of the worldwide legion of the Banksy faithful that follow the Bristol Bad Boy’s every clandestine move with baited breath. Has Sir Banks given up his usual M.O. in favor of going legit? Has he made so much money that it’s safer to rent space and hire commercial painters than bomb? Is he qualified to run for Vice President of the USA? Unfortunately, none of these questions will be answered in the weeks to come. Via Super Touch.

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  2. Alex Jones Says:

    That’s one of the problem’s of being an “outsider”. What do you do when you get successful? How do you maintain your “outsider” image?

  3. Conor Curtis Says:

    I have found that to remain an outsider is to publish artistic messages to the public that they need to hear but do not want to hear and still try to remain unknown. Banksy has remained unknown to the majority of the public for many years now but seeing as he has now gone legal most of the uk knowns of him and can discribe atleast 1 piece of art by banksy.

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