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Axel Peemoeller Way Finder

10.30.08   |   Posted in: Art & Design   |   By: Toshi Jones
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Axel Peemoeller Way Finder
Car Parks in LA evoke a certain nightmarish quality only matched by rush our traffic. You would think with all of the design prowess concentrated here we might be able to lend some to the parking structure community. We were thrilled to see that the folks charged with designing the way finding for the Eureka Car Park in Melbourne Australia brought in designer Axel Peemoeller, who has created a common sense system driven by the use of prominent typography. While this project is unique for the Hamburg based designer, it is definately a solid solution to a persistent problem. We really enjoy Alex’s work and always have a great time on his site which is another interactive to say the least.
Axel Peemoeller Way Finder

Axel Peemoeller Way Finder

Axel Peemoeller Way Finder

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    [...] neublack Axel Peemoeller, Way [...]

  2. Artificialife Network (Beta) – Art, Fashion, Music, Culture, Technology & Science Says:

    [...] for the drops and I have no idea what they’re meant to be but I think the genius designer Axel Peemoeller might have been influenced by Viktor & Rolfs flowerbomb. I’m well confused! All the same, [...]


    the words show where you are going. if you look, the words are on the walls next to the entrancese.

    ps. try and decode my name

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